Bits & Bobs for the Kitchen

Bits & Bobs for the kitchen

Can opener

Can opener :

open up all canned foods

Ceramic casserole dish

Ceramic casserole dish: 

For baking food in the oven, and making desserts and some casseroles.

Cling film

Cling film : 

For keeping  prepared or cooked food, marinated meats or fish in the fridge. This prevents them from taking on the taste and odour of other foods, and vice versa.

Coarse grater

Coarse grater : 

For grating vegetables and fruit. Great for make coleslaw salad.


Corkscrew :

to open wine and beer bottles

Cotton tea towel

Cotton tea towel : 

To dry  potatoes and uncut vegetables, and to cover rising dough.


Grater :

to zest, shred, shave and dust fruit, vegetables and chocolate.

Gratin dish

Gratin dish :

 For  vegetable casseroles,  stews, potato bake. stuffed vegetables and lasagne.

Kitchen Foil

Kitchen Foil : 

To cover cooked foods. It protects food surfaces from over browning.

Large salad bowl

Large salad bowl:  

For making large quantities of food, mixing salads, for making fillings or keeping food in thr fridge.

Loaf tin

Loaf tin : 

For baking bread, cakes, terrines,  - first grease with butter or olive oil  so that the contents slides out of the tin better after cooking.

Measuring cups

Measuring cups :

You'll want measuring cups for both wet and dry ingredients.

Metal spatula

Metal spatula :

Allows you to get under delicate items, like pancakes and cookies.

Mixing bowls

Mixing bowls :

For small and large volumes of food prep and food storage.

Potato masher

Potato masher :

A curved head masher will be better to get into those curves corners of pots and bowls. To mash vegetables.

Roasting dish

Roasting dish : 

For roasting lamb, beef, poultry, fish and vegetables in the oven.

Salad spinner

Salad spinner :  

to wash and clean all leafy vegetables.

Small ladle

Small ladle:

 For removing foam from soups  or stocks.


Timer :

So you can track time of your cooking


Tongs :

Use for turning meats and tossing vegetables.

I live in Adelaide (Australia) with my husband, my two adorable Norwegian cats ( Zeus and Zena ), a chicken, and a pigeon who now also thinks that he is a chicken! My ancestry is French so it goes without saying that my favourite place is Paris. The food, culture and atmosphere of Paris is nothing short of amazing.

I am a self taught home cook who loves big flavours in food. My passion for food surfaced when I was 10 years old, watching TV chef Ian Hewitson and learning different techniques. Since then, the food of Adrian Richardson and Jamie Oliver has been my inspiration. I love how one can create a healthy full flavoured meal from just the simplest of ingredients. I especially love chilli and garlic and use them in most of my food.

I enjoy hosting dinner parties for friends and family. Curries and rustic style dishes are my firm favorites and I know that my family and friends all agree! Just place it all in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves enjoying great food with good company.

I create flavoursome low calorie recipes which are featured on the internationally known website Weigh Yourself Slim.

Whilst I enjoy cooking I still love to go out to restaurants, especially when you discover ones with amazing food and that you must try and replicate at home!

So welcome to CCKFOOD. It is my creative playground where I am able to share my love of good food with you all. Enjoy.