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Weigh yourself Slim

Kylie Karagich
Weigh yourself Slim


My name is Mirela Holmes and I’m the author of the book Weigh Yourself Slim.

I’m originally from the former Yugoslavia and I been living in the UK for the last 16 years.  I come from the area affected by the war in 1991 and although it was a very difficult time for me and my family, it played a major part in my life and who I am today.  I started my working career as an interpreter for the UN peacekeeping mission where I met my British husband.   When I arrived in the UK, I qualified as a Chartered accountant and I built a career in finance.

However, my true passion has always been to find a long term solution for the ever-growing weight loss problem.  In my teenage years I struggled with weight myself, gaining and losing 20lbs every few months and everyone around me was constantly on a diet.  Now I am 42 (not that I like to admit) and I’ve been the same weight for over 20 years while others were still yo-yoing with their weight.  There are some many diets out there, but I decided to write this book because I knew I have something different for you. 

It took me over 4 years to put my experience and research together in this book and I hope it reaches you and helps you lose weight forever.  Forget the quick, rigid and restrictive diets – they will only make you gain more weight after you stop them and may even ruin your health.  My philosophy starts with the simple idea that obesity is not an illness; it’s just a natural reaction of our body when we overeat.  That means that you don’t need dieting tricks or a doctor to cure you, but all what you need is a simple and down to earth guidance on how to adjust your diet and way of life. 

The only way to truly and permanently lose weight is to learn how to balance your diet in your own way.  In my book I will take you on your personal journey, lead you and coach you so over time you become the master of your own diet.  I don’t prescribe you what to eat and what to do, but I guide you through a series of ideas and tips and get you to transform your own diet, rather than force you into adopting mine.

The key result of my programme is to PUT YOU BACK IN CONTROL OF YOUR WEIGHT and it also ideal for those that are struggling just to maintain weight. 

Many diets are cashing out on silly promises (i.e. lose 10lbs in 10 days), but you won’t find that here.  I hope you find that refreshing and worth giving it a go.  Weigh Yourself Slim is a journey that you can do in your own pace, as quickly or slowly, but most importantly if you stick with it, IT WORKS!

In addition to the book, feel free to explore this website.  You will find a lot of inspirational recipes that are not only low in calories, but are healthy and delicious.       

I hope you enjoy the book and I would love to hear back from you.




I live in Adelaide (Australia) with my husband, my two adorable Norwegian cats ( Zeus and Zena ), a chicken, and a pigeon who now also thinks that he is a chicken! My ancestry is French so it goes without saying that my favourite place is Paris. The food, culture and atmosphere of Paris is nothing short of amazing.

I am a self taught home cook who loves big flavours in food. My passion for food surfaced when I was 10 years old, watching TV chef Ian Hewitson and learning different techniques. Since then, the food of Adrian Richardson and Jamie Oliver has been my inspiration. I love how one can create a healthy full flavoured meal from just the simplest of ingredients. I especially love chilli and garlic and use them in most of my food.

I enjoy hosting dinner parties for friends and family. Curries and rustic style dishes are my firm favorites and I know that my family and friends all agree! Just place it all in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves enjoying great food with good company.

I create flavoursome low calorie recipes which are featured on the internationally known website Weigh Yourself Slim.

Whilst I enjoy cooking I still love to go out to restaurants, especially when you discover ones with amazing food and that you must try and replicate at home!

So welcome to CCKFOOD. It is my creative playground where I am able to share my love of good food with you all. Enjoy.